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Iceland – The Photographers Paradise

Iceland is possibly my favorite country so far. It has everything you could want...
20th Apr 17

DJI Mavic in Iceland – Teaser

Love this drone! It’s my new favorite travel toy. I bought the Mavic purely...
30th Mar 17

Iceland VLOG – Prep and Kiddnapping

The beautiful thing about having great friends is that they often have great parents,...
17th Mar 17

Val Thorens Snowboarding – GoPro 5 + Karma Grip

So as a last minute purchase before my trip I decided to pick up...
24th Feb 17

Zante 2016

Nothing like deciding at 3am that your going to go an meet your friend...
28th Sep 16

Corfu – September 2016

This was one of those last minute trips where you friend calls you up...
10th Sep 16

Zante, Greece 2015

Oh Zante! I fell in love with you as soon as I got there....
22nd Nov 15